TIPSem is a complete temporal information processing system which annotates timexes, events and temporal relations from raw text. It is developed for English and Spanish and follows the TimeML standard.

TIPSem is based on semantics (semantic roles and lexical semantics) but there is also a baseline version (TIPSemB) which is only based on morphosyntax.

TIPSem offers better efficacy but TIPSemB offers a good efficacy and a higher efficiency.

There is a web demo of both systems available and TIPSemB is also available for download.

The demo also includes a temporal information visualization interface (Time-Surfer).

TIPSem system has been developed at the Natural Language Processing and Information System Group at the University of Alicante (partially supported by the Spanish government, project TIN-2006-15265-C06-01).

More information about the system can be found in:

TIPSem (English and Spanish): Evaluating CRFs and Semantic Roles in TempEval-2. Hector Llorens, Estela Saquete, and Borja Navarro. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation. 2010. Association for Computational Linguistics.

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