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Our further work with the corpus revealed some more incorrect values in the annotations of temporal expressions found in the corpus. We have updated the TIMEX2 annotations appropriately; we have also removed those TIMEX2 attributes that had empty values. See the page of the corpus for more details.

A new corpus, ModeS TimeBank, with annotations of temporal expressions is now available. Distributed by LDC (the catalogue number LDC2012T01) is a corpus of Modern Spanish (17th and 18th centuries) annotated with temporal and event information expressed as TimeML mark-ups and annotated with spatial information following the SpatialML scheme. It contains 102 documents reporting a sea-crossing cruise by a ship called La Princesa, which took place from December 1768 to April 1769.

ModeS TimeBank by Pawel MazurPawel Mazur, 18 Feb 2012 11:43

A new version (1.0.3) of the WikiWars corpus is now available for download. The changes concern the extent annotation of four temporal expressions.

A new version (1.0.2) of the WikiWars corpus is now available for download. In this version we fixed the problem of incorrect encoding in two input files and we corrected a number of annotations; see the documentation distributed with the corpus for details.

WikiWars is a corpus of documents about military conflicts sourced from English Wikipedia. These documents contain 2,671 temporal expressions annotated with TIMEX2 (September 2005). For more information about the corpus go to; this page also has the link to download the corpus.

WikiDot introduced advertising, which is also displayed on TimexPortal pages (top and bottom of each page). You can avoid seeing the ads by registering at WikiDot and browsing TimexPortal as a logged-in member of WikiDot. Even the free registration gives many other benefits. See

WikiDot Advertising by Pawel MazurPawel Mazur, 24 Aug 2010 12:25

We have extended TimexPortal with the News section, where we will inform about important updates to the site, but also about things happening in our research area, e.g. upcoming conferences, seminars, released corpora, tools and other resources. There are two important features:

News from TimexPortal by Pawel MazurPawel Mazur, 04 Jun 2010 02:10

The Temporal Information in Language group has been set up on Google Groups. Members of the new group, called Temporal-info, are interested in temporal information extraction, annotation of temporal information, tense and aspect in language, and any other aspect of temporal information. The description of the group states:

The group is primarily for linguists and computer scientists with an interest in working with time. Typical topics are event and timex extraction and description, TimeML, linguistic models of tense and aspect, temporal information over different languages, and temporal relations.

To register, visit

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