TimeBank 1.2 Corpus

From the original corpus description (with some changes):

This corpus contains 183 news articles annotated with TimeML 1.2.1, which covers events, times (temporal expressions) and temporal links between events and times. Articles come from the Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) program and PropBank (TreeBank2) texts. Those coming from ACE come from transcribed broadcast news from the following sources: ABC, CNN, PRI, and VOA, and newswire from AP and NYT. PropBank supplied articles from the Wall Street Journal.

The corpus is available at LDC under the catalogue number LDC2006T08.

TimeBank 1.2 Statistics

Annotation Type # Annotations
EVENT 7935
TIMEX3 1414
SLINK 2932
TLINK 6418
Total 27592
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